The History of our Historic Building

Our office building was originally a farm house built in three time periods, typical of buildings originally built at the time of the revolution; 1775, 1825, and 1850.

The right front side of the building was constructed in 1775 by the Van Sant family after purchasing the land from a former indentured servant who was given the land by William Penn.

The middle part of the house was constructed in 1825 by John Stockton, nephew of one of the original Declaration of Independence signers, Richard Stockton. John Stockton married one of the Van Sant daughters.

The left side of the house was built in 1850 by the Flowers family who again married into the original Van Sant/Stockton family. The resulting farm was known as the Flowers Farm, and remained that way until 1990 when it was sold for development to what is now Floral Vale Professional Park.

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