Keep The Cherries Throw Away The Pits

A financial advisor is someone that you trust with your wealth and your well-being. In many ways, you are entrusting this person with your life. When you think of it in those terms, picking your advisor should seem like serious business. A financial advisor with over thirty years of experience, George N. Luciani, CFP® knows what makes a qualified and trustworthy advisor.

George wrote Keep the Cherries Throw Away the Pits to help individuals select an advisor that will benefit them financially, finding solutions that are appropriate for their situation with no conflict of interest.

Planning for your financial future is an ongoing process. As life goes on, the plan changes, and you need a trusted advisor there to guide you through each new chapter. George N. Luciani, CFP® knows that finding a fiduciary to work with you for life isn’t a small task.  “Keep the Cherries” sheds light on how to locate an ethical advisor, the risks of commission driven professionals, and common pitfalls to avoid.

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